YOSHOKU | Meat King


Yoshoku arm of the Coco Ichibanya group called ‘Nikkui-tei’ in Japan rebranded into a more Western family restaurant style outfit here in town, specialising in hamburger steaks. Buffet salad bar unfortunately executed a bit sub-standard for a Japanese chain though the pasta salads certainly reclaimed some lost grounds. Opted for the seemingly signature garlic and butter burger steak and it didn’t disappoint yet not a wow. Offering only Angus beef with the sole exception of a ‘Hokkaido F1’ steak at the moment. Believe that it will be a good idea to feature Hida beef burger steak as well as they did in Japan knowing the local preference for anything Japanese, especially when the current price tag is already not your usual family style. Also of curiosity is the lack of even an option of curry sauce, given the parent, though this is indeed also the case in Japan. More like a burger steak version of Pepper Lunch so far with a comfortable setting. Awaiting for Wagyu burger steaks to be featured on the menu before my next visit.

(Update: The shop is now closed – March 2018)

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