RAMEN | 麺道はなもこし (Hanamokoshi)


When the #1 ramen on Tabelog Fukuoka is a toripaitan instead of tonkotsu, you know that it is something special. Hit it on a low day when it was drizzling and chilly outside, LG was lucky enough to nearly have a private seating with the one-man-band owner Hirohata-san (広畑典大) at his hole in the wall 6-seater out in a quiet quarter of town. A rather artsy figure who clearly loves music with a little band stand tucked in the store, it was certainly more like a place that serves gourmet coffee rather than ramen. Honed his skills in chicken dishes since his izakaya days some 15 years ago, the owner started his own shop back in July 2011, said to be serving only 40 bowls a day. As widely reported it is toripaitan at its finest which again reminded LG some of the finest Chinese chicken soups ever tasted. The home made ramen was as well the quality that one would expect from such a kitchen to table operation. Said to be sold out as early as 15 minutes into the opening usually, LG has to thank the kitchen god probably for such a hearty and fulfilling end of lunar year heavenly bowl. Going early for the lunch or dinner session is still the best bet to avoid any disappointment.

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