RAMEN | 香月 (Katsuki)


The latest addition to the list of options if you are, like LG, always looking for that soul saving bowl in the wee hours in Roppongi. With the arrival of Ichiran and then Mita Seimen in town, this is a much welcomed addition to the shortening list for a Hong Konger. Tracing its origin back to the early 90s ‘chatcha’ stream (taken from the sound of sprinkling pork back fat onto the bowl of ramen) boom among late nighters and taxi drivers along ‘Ring 7’ in Tokyo, itself being a legend at the Ebisu neighbourhood selling up to 1500 bowls a day at one point, Katsuki is making a come back after an absence of three years from the Ramen scene. Choosing the famous Roppongi crossing as the new starting point and opening 24 hours is certainly a bold yet seemingly smart and logical move with its late night roots. Now all eyes are on whether it can lead the ‘chatcha’ movement back to the top in the face of strong showings from the Ikkei and Aruba streams in Tokyo of late.
As with all late night ramen, it will never taste as good if one go and savour it on a sunny Saturday after a good night’s rest instead. Was it ‘soul saving’ enough? LG will give it a good pass though it certainly tasted much less robust than all those floating grease suggested.
Situated just right off the Roppongi crossing on the side from Akasaka, it is certainly handy enough to get one’s stomach filled just before hopping onto the cab.

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