RAMEN | 鳴龍 (Nakiryu)


Newly crowned one-starer, Saito-san (齋藤一将) is actually no stranger to Hong Kongers as he was the same guy behind the actual first ever starred ramen place in the world, the now defuncted MIST in town thanks to bankruptcy back home. While a few items on the menu certainly have the shadow of MIST, the much acclaimed thinly sliced smoked charshiu was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the drawcard here is actually a rather wild one: dan dan noodles, and we went for the ‘mala’ version for that extra kick. Call me biased, must confess there are certainly bits and pieces of influences by some of our local dan dan favorites detected. Yet, one has to give it to Saito-san as he did achieve that balance much talked about but never experienced elsewhere. The balance between the acidity, sweetness, spiciness and richness was indeed brilliantly executed, and the superb soup base together with the HK style thin noodles combined it all to make it a perfect bowl. Be there before the 1130 am opening to minimise your queuing time but thanks to the much hyped publicity of late, 1.5 to 2 hours is probably a good budget to start.

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