RAMEN | 鶏soba 座銀 (Zagin)


A much welcomed addition to the local ramen scene being a Toripaitan specialist from Osaka. From the same group called Silver Grape that previously brought us KamiTora (subsequently changed hands and name here in town), it is not sure yet whether this is a direct branch or a franchisee as no mention yet on their official website. Situated in Happy Valley with a relatively posh interior, this new joint represented well the usually more upscale packaging of Toripaitan ramen back in Japan. Probably the tastiest soup base LG have tasted of its kind, the set up of the kitchen suggested that it is probably imported straight from Japan and being reheated here. The use of electric stoves and the ‘cappuccino’ whipper augmented to the modern image it tried to project yet added a slight sense of undermined authenticity too unfortunately. The thinly sliced chicken charsiu as well as the ajitsuke tamago are nicely done and the imported noodles are up to standard. More choices again for local ramen lovers.

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