RAMEN | 俺流塩らーめん (Oreryu Shio-Ramen)

16864661_1464744976870141_6479424219243361565_nBraved it to the exotic side of town and visited Kobayashi-san’s (小林 健) Shibuya 2010-founded shio ramen joint, and again, first ventures outside of Japan. Said to be the result of a 10-year research, LG found the featured ‘aged’ shio ramen surprisingly similar to that of Asahikawa’s Santouka with both its milky look and robust taste. A mixture of chicken and pork bones cooked for 3 hours using pressure cooker, it didn’t really give much hint of being ‘aged’ yet is certainly tasty enough, if not a bit on the blended side as in those found at Santouka. Importing noodles made to order by Daikokuya senmei of Kanagawa, the usual blendedness of most imported ones, probably from the presevatives, are unfortunately difficult to ignore. Having its own specialised gyoza shops under the same banner back home, those offered here are actually not of the same look and resembled some frozen imports one can find retail. The discovery of the visit, nevertheless, was the rather fair price tags to the offerings, to the extend that it matches Tokyo prices given the currency weakness. Probably rental savings being located out there at the satellite ‘towns’ or in fact their strategic positioning, it is still a decent offering in town price-quality adjusted.

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