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RAMEN | 銀座 篝 (かがり) (Kagari)

Ever thought of having quality ramen inside a metro station? Here we have it, the hottest toripaitan ramen in Tokyo these days at the heart of Ginza, in fact, INSIDE the Ginza metro station next to exit C2. Always being … Continue reading

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TEMPURA | てんぷらと和食 山の上 (Hilltop Hotel)

Paid pilgrimage to one of the most renowned breeding grounds of top Tempura chefs in Tokyo, as the name suggests it did really involve some walking up a hill, which they share with Meiji University as well as a famous … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 立喰い焼肉 治郎丸 (Jiroumaru)

Probably the most anticipated visit to a Yakiniku joint LG can recall. Made their name rapidly after their 2014 opening at Kabukicho and have been a darling of the media ever since. Caught their relatively new branch managed by the … Continue reading

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KAPPO | 賛否両論 (Sanpi Ryoron)

Went straight to try out this proclaimed to be ‘extremely difficult to book’ joint from Japan on its first pre-opening day in town, got lucky over a cold call to secure one of the limited counter seats (only) in the … Continue reading

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RAMEN | つけ麺 五ノ神製作所 (Tsuekemen Gonokami Seisakusho)

Much raved about joint of Ito-san’s (伊藤真啓) made their name with ebi tsukemen from 2010 onwards, while its roots could be dated back to 2007 under the name ‘いつ樹’ in Ome where it all started, offering mainly tai ramen. The … Continue reading

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