RAMEN | つけ麺 五ノ神製作所 (Tsuekemen Gonokami Seisakusho)


Much raved about joint of Ito-san’s (伊藤真啓) made their name with ebi tsukemen from 2010 onwards, while its roots could be dated back to 2007 under the name ‘いつ樹’ in Ome where it all started, offering mainly tai ramen. The group has since then ventured into a much broader space with branches now all over Tokyo. Though technically in Shinjuku, the location fits the image of a hidden joint, situated in the midst of a back alley neighbourhood of office/residential complexes facing a sports ground. Can still spot from afar though once made the right turns as the queue is always there. Not a prohibitive period of waiting eventually and the ambience inside is surprisingly spacey. With a trendy crew that can easily be mistaken as hair stylists if not pop band members, the ‘stagey’ setting of the kitchen with comfy counter seats surrounding it certainly set the ‘stage’ for a much anticipated encounter with the main feature, that is, the much acclaimed bowl itself. Be it the high expectation or the limitation of Tsukemen itself, it was just an okay experience notwithstanding the indeed robust dipping soup as good as a finesse lobster bisque one can find at a decent brasserie. Granted, one probably has to try its full range of offerings around town before labelling it and that’s what LG is going to do. For Ebi ramen lovers, still a must try to check the box if nothing else.

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