YAKINIKU | 立喰い焼肉 治郎丸 (Jiroumaru)


Probably the most anticipated visit to a Yakiniku joint LG can recall. Made their name rapidly after their 2014 opening at Kabukicho and have been a darling of the media ever since. Caught their relatively new branch managed by the Mugen group under the highway after the best Hanami experience ever at Nakameguro on a Sunday afternoon, all the stars were aligned. Probably the first ever ‘Standing Yakiniku’ place that went popular enough to become a chain, one can indeed order different cuts ‘piece by piece’ here at a price as low as 30 Yen or a moriwase for just less than 1000 Yen. While the norm in Japan, all parts featured being quality local beef is still a big drawcard for overseas visitors. Certainly the most amazing hitori-yakiniku experience for LG ever, all in the setting of a modern standing sushi bar with proper displays and all the works. The ambience was indeed another high point as people tend to mingle with each other and after a few drinks it was just one big party. An experience not to be missed.

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