RAMEN | 銀座 篝 (かがり) (Kagari)


Ever thought of having quality ramen inside a metro station? Here we have it, the hottest toripaitan ramen in Tokyo these days at the heart of Ginza, in fact, INSIDE the Ginza metro station next to exit C2. Always being spotted as having one of the longest queues in Ginza at their 4-chome honten since opening in 2013, they went one step further to go UNDERGROUND for their Echika fit branch yet the queue doesn’t seem to get any shorter. If anything, it should be even more popular as die-hard queuing fans will be protected from the hot summer as well as the cold winter from now on, not to mention on a rainy day. One of the few popular ramen joints in Japan that doesn’t give you any pressure in finishing your bowl quick, frequent goers and tourists alike are certainly taking their time here and thus recommended only for those with patience. While I didn’t expect anything less from the soup, as already well documented and the owner said to have horned his skills at respectable Mizutaki joints, it was actually the topping veggies that made an impression. From bamboo shoots, gobou to spring cabbage and of course asparagus, spring is certainly in the air. LG actually didn’t recall any other occasion when the veggies were the standouts during a ramen fix. Also worth mentioning is the noodles. Supplied by the renowned Mikawaya Seimen they were certainly cooked ‘Al dente’ and went really well with the rich and creamy soup. Get ready for more ramen joints mushrooming at metro stations soon.

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2 Responses to RAMEN | 銀座 篝 (かがり) (Kagari)

  1. Ellie says:

    Hey lonely gourmet,

    Stumbled across your blog and decided our tastebuds are similar through the way you describe your food. Quick question, top five sushi and ramen joints in Tokyo? I am headed there on the first week of June (for the first time ever) and would greatly appreciate the insight of a like-tongued food hunter.

    • Probably won’t be too original and sticking to what I haven written. For Ramen, Kagari, Aun, Nakiryu, Ichigen and Nagi. When it comes to sushi, I will skip the usual suspects and go for Miyaba and then lunch at Kyubey (Keio-Plaza) and Kanesaka (Palace Hotel).

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