TEMPURA | 天海 (Tenkai)


It was a bit like picking up mispriced stocks on a slow day taking advantage of short term supply and demand imbalance. Got lucky and read their Facebook message around noon saying that they are opened today and figured that it might have been an indicator of slow business. And indeed, Bingo! as I ended up having nearly the entire counter just for myself. They only serve sets for lunch except Sunday thus will have to do a part 2 about their Omakase one day. Was always full when I walked by during lunch and given that it is walk-in only, never had the chance to try out Nagasawa-san’s skill, who used to run an Izakaya in Shizuoka (which is where he sourced most of his ingredients), until today.
Started off with an amazingly priced tempura-mori of 7 pieces for only 150 hkd. Though not served piece by piece, this I can say is not too far off from the Ginza elites and probably the best ‘CP ratio’ one can get in town. Highlight of the day, however, was this ‘Handa-men’. Basically a made to order sakura-ebi kakiage on top of a bed of Handa soumen from Tokushima, seeing the preparation of it from scratch was an enjoyment itself, not to mention the harmony it brought along from the texture to the taste. Certainly one for the Summer! Can’t guarantee one can have the same experience on a busy day but enjoying this entire meal at the counter all by oneself and in complete silence from start to finish is truly priceless.

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