RAMEN | 四川担担麺 阿吽 (Aun)


First read about this joint some years back at Japanese blogger R’s page, surprised to see that it is now ranked the #2 dandan-men joint in Tokyo according to Tabelog, even ahead of the newly-starred Nakiryu. Went for level 4 in terms of both ‘ma’ (numbness) and ‘la’ (spiciness) (one can choose seperately for the amount of sichuan peppercorns (ma) and chili (la) to put in) ahead of the standard level 3 suggested and opted for the soup version rather than the popular `maze’ one here, which certainly would taste wonderful as well with the featured good old ‘Mikawaya’ noodles, the immediate surprise for LG was the level of ‘ma’ the Japanese can take. The bowl certainly would have been qualified as an authentic bowl even in Chengdu or Chongqing, to the extend that the ‘numbness’ did overwhelm the taste a bit here. As in ‘spiciness’ from the chili, a level 4 was just right for LG and would recommend anyone to probably go for just a notch down for its peppercorn vs chili (x-1 vs x) mix to extract the true taste. Probably the dandan joint LG will most likely return in the future with the company of a few serious dandan-men lovers. Certainly an eye opener showing the sophistication of Tokyonites nowadays with classic Chinese tastes. It is indeed the first dandan joint one should visit as a true reflection of modern Sino-Japanese cuisine.

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