RAMEN | はしご (橋悟) (Hashigo)


Back to my first found dandan joint conveniently located in the heart of Ginza which opens till 5 am on weekdays! Our late night ramen in Tokyo award certainly would have gone to them if there was any ever in contest. Afterall, the shop has been serving Ginza salarymen since 1964 from its humble beginning at the basement of the Toshiba building. Caught them passed midnight on a Monday this time around and what a scene! For my fellow Hongkies, picture LKF Tsui Wah at 3 am and you won’t be that far off. The gentlemen next to me at the counter seat was actually asleep right after he finally managed to order while a bunch of young salarymen was getting rowdy at the far end and drew some angry comments from the master. With such an entertaining backdrop on the night, however, the bowl turned out to be rather disappointing. Granted it probably wasn’t fair from me just coming out from sampling the top 3 dandan-men in Tokyo but this was actually very far off from what I can remember it used to taste (or maybe just this time around I hadn’t drink enough beforehand!) The servers were also not in their best mood to please as well, can kind of understand it given the chaotic yet busy scene. In short, the soup was watery and the noodles to the point of soggy. Having said that, if one managed to stay till the wee hours in the neighbourhood and still managed to drag oneself into the shop, anything with carbs and a hot and spicy soup probably tastes heavenly. Still searching for that soul saving bowl in Ginza past midnight but for now this is the best shot.

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