TEMPURA | 玄海 (Genkai)


A seasoned and rather unique husband and wife team delivering quality tempura fare yet in a Yatai setting. Said to be the oldest standing Yatai in Fukuoka with its root dated back to 1962 and now run by its second generation. Haven’t tried it all but probably the best Yatai tempura out there in a rather ‘Showa’ style setting with that mini TV at the back and still serving classic bottled Kirins. Ideally situated in Fukuoka where access to quality fish from the Genkai seaboard is a given, hence the namesake, Yatai stuff like bacon and chicken fillet were also on offer. Not to be missed is of course the said to be ‘off-menu-frequent-customers-only-while-stock-last’ mentaiko tempura. Asking for merely 140-220 yen per piece, this is certainly one of the best value for money quality tempura joints one can find, and I can guarantee you it is not that shabby at all even if compared head to head with those upscale ‘Edomae’ ones in Tokyo. One can even say that this is indeed back to the basics as tempura did come from ‘yatais’ in the first place. One of the must tries in Fukuoka.

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