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RAMEN | 烈志笑魚油 麺香房 三く(Sanku)

Always found ramen queues much more manageable once outside of Tokyo, and here we are at one of the top Tabelog joints in the heart of Osaka, all it took was 20 minutes. Niboshi has always been of great attraction … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 万両 南森町店 (Manryou)

One of the most anticipated encounters no doubt as LG probably failed 3 times over the last 6 years to secure a seat here and finally have to resolve to a ‘dawn raid’ walk-in strategy in order to manage a … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 本家 第一旭 (Honke Daiichiasahi)

Supposed to be one of the must DOs yet LG still managed to miss this pair of old guards of Kyoto ramen (the other one being Shinpuku Saikan (新福菜館), established in 1938 first as a Yatai) everytime in town until … Continue reading

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SUKIYAKI | 三嶋亭 (Mishima-tei)

Probably another touristy stop though quality Sukiyaki outside of Japan are indeed hard to come by, let alone one with history, established in 1873 going into its 5th generation to be exact. In an era that one can source the … Continue reading

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KAISEKI | 京都 吉兆 (Kitcho)

Originally an encounter merely to pay pilgrimage to this old guard of Kaiseki established since the 30s, the short trip to Arashiyama on a beautiful early summer evening still deserved all the praises it could get. In a classic old-fashioned … Continue reading

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