KAISEKI | 京都 吉兆 (Kitcho)


Originally an encounter merely to pay pilgrimage to this old guard of Kaiseki established since the 30s, the short trip to Arashiyama on a beautiful early summer evening still deserved all the praises it could get. In a classic old-fashioned tea house setting private room, with a little back garden and much tranquillity to come with it, the cool breeze let in by opening the sliding door injected much energy as the night fall. The dinner started off with a bang, as a nicely decorated plate of ise-ebi that could rival some of the top haute cuisine tables out there, let alone its amazing taste and texture, showed the true colours of third-generation executive chef Tokuoka-san (徳岡邦夫) right from the start, a combination of top ingredients and decoration as preached indeed. The evening went on with all the best in class seasonal dishes one would have expected from the most celebrated name in Kyoto, and the detailed explanations given by the attentive staff, even without a written menu at all, had kept us all very well informed to enjoy each of the dishes to their fullest. With the exception of a little ‘lighting’ play in the middle of the 9-course meal, one might say that surprises were the only element that went missing a bit on the night. That being said, isn’t it the same with all these historic gourmet monuments everywhere else in the world? Without a doubt a well-worth once in a life-time experience!

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