SUKIYAKI | 三嶋亭 (Mishima-tei)


Probably another touristy stop though quality Sukiyaki outside of Japan are indeed hard to come by, let alone one with history, established in 1873 going into its 5th generation to be exact. In an era that one can source the best wagyu anywhere in the world when money is no object, it is certainly way beyond the beef when one visits a Sukiyaki joint. Though quality of the table top cooking are arguably at times down to luck these days, given the limited new attendants devoted to the space, the century old Kansai style sukiyaki recipe, said to be the original being less watery and more robust than its Kanto counterparts, as well as the quality ingredients (choice Kyoto seasonal vegetables no less) all the way down to the ‘secret’ sauce are still the drawcards. While certainly clear signs of tear and wear noticed at this 140-year old joint, it is indeed these historic ambience that helps to deliver the total package. Yet another one of those that probably should be enjoyed in complete silence to savour the essence.

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