RAMEN | 烈志笑魚油 麺香房 三く(Sanku)


Always found ramen queues much more manageable once outside of Tokyo, and here we are at one of the top Tabelog joints in the heart of Osaka, all it took was 20 minutes. Niboshi has always been of great attraction to LG and yet there are just a handful of household names out there. Call me traditional but applying it in a soup rather than the dipping sauce for Tsukemen is still the way to go in my humble opinion. Yamamoto-san (山本昌司)’s joint, in this regard, certainly lived up to its reputation, being one of the fastest rising ramen joints in Osaka in the recent years, and is in fact the most memorable Niboshi yours truly have tried so far. Much have been raved about its ‘vintage’ niboshi-infused oil, which certainly sets it apart from the others, and yet the ‘mariage’ with the famed ‘Nishiyama’ ramen utilised and even the stewed pork-like ‘charsiu’ were all well thought out as well. Probably the #1 must visit ramen joint in Osaka city right now provided a palate similar to LG’s.

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