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KAPPO | 野口太郎 (Noguchi Taro)

One of the most hyped Kappos in Osaka these days, LG got lucky and managed to squeeze in for some late night bites at this starred ten-seater one evening and then it was showtime for Noguchi-san. Attending high school in … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 今田洋輔 in 香港 (Yosuke Imada of Kyubey)

Guess not that often one can get the old man out to serve even at the honten, let alone a piece of uni sushi directly from his hand at one’s table, it was indeed a once in a blue moon … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 麺酒場 蒜 BILL

So the first permanent store that offers Kitakata style ramen (喜多方ラーメン) has arrived, and surprise surprise, it is also on the now world famous Tang Lung ‘Ramen’ St. yet inside the V Point complex. Said to be the recipe from … Continue reading

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