RAMEN | 麺酒場 蒜 BILL


So the first permanent store that offers Kitakata style ramen (喜多方ラーメン) has arrived, and surprise surprise, it is also on the now world famous Tang Lung ‘Ramen’ St. yet inside the V Point complex. Said to be the recipe from Anzaki-san (安蒜浩史) having a shop with the same name back in Chiba, the clear yet tasty pork broth and flat noodles are indeed classic of its style. The resident chef Takahashi-san (高橋恒則), on the otherhand, has been an apprentice of his father, a Utsunomiya gyoza specialist, since he was 16 and had some clear influence by Sino-Japanese cuisine as one can see from the menu. Nice and comfy ambience for a ramen drinking place and last but not least, it opens till 3 AM everyday except Sunday!!! Certainly not too shabby as a replacement of the mysteriously disappeared Ippudo-backed hakata black shoyu ramen joint.

(Note: The shop is now closed – September 2017)

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