KAPPO | 野口太郎 (Noguchi Taro)


One of the most hyped Kappos in Osaka these days, LG got lucky and managed to squeeze in for some late night bites at this starred ten-seater one evening and then it was showtime for Noguchi-san. Attending high school in England since he was 15, then went on to work as a salaryman for a foreign enterprise in Tokyo before turning himself to be a chef, his ability to communicate well with international customers was certainly a crowd-pleaser. From the legendary ‘world’s best wing’ which was air-dried to seal off the juice inside, to the ’signature’ curry that looks ordinary yet gave your truly the best kick ever, all served on art pieces by Kyoto ceramic artist Jun Kawajiri (川尻潤), what started off as causal late night snacking took an interesting twist to become quite a culinary treat. A nice bottle of Leflaive from a generous friend to down it all certainly didn’t hurt too. Ensuring us that it is indeed his real name, Noguchi-san also cracked the news that he will be soon in town to open his first foreign outlet. Yours truly is certainly all prepared for some curry and wings again!

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