RAMEN | 人類みな麺類 (Human beings everybody noodles)


A weird name no doubt when translated directly but I guess what they really mean is probably ‘people’s noodles’. Currently the leading ramen joint in Osaka City as per tabelog, and the self proclaimed #1 shoyu ramen in Japan, this is the flagship of the dominant Unchi group by Matsumura-san (松村貴大) which operates 3 other equally hyped ramen shops in the city if not yet commanding as long a queue. A standard 30-min queue at this joint conveniently located next to 2 train stations is certainly acceptable, helped also by a 20-plus spacey capacity not usually seen in similar leading joints. While secretly hoping for a wow, the bowl of original flavour ordered boosting the house bonito-enhanced shoyu went down the route of the balanced yet elegant style. Reminded LG of the earlier days E-mon and also the starred Tsuta of late but not too yours truly’s cup of tea. The Kansai-ness in it was found with the slight hint of sweetness in the shoyu based soup and the noodles are as expectedly a touch on the hearty side. The ambience gave some relaxed elegance to the air and the services are just right on the attentive side. Probably more a tourist attraction going forward but the group’s other offerings are certainly something to watch.

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