TONKATSU | とん太 (Tonta)


The Takadanobaba neighbour constantly giving the reigning Narikura a run for its money, this Showa-era establishment by the Takahashi (高橋有三) husband and wife team since 1976 is clearly the local favorite. The no fuzz interior brought along an obvious etiquette of everybody enjoying their food in silence, the atmosphere here is close to a shrine where people come to worship this amazing dish called ‘Tonkatsu’. Instead of raving about its ingredients, Takahashi-san here let the food do their own talking and it is indeed all the more impressive. What strikes LG here is the batter, reminding yours truly much of those from a classic ‘taro croquette’ dish found in cantonese dim-sum lunches, the best of its kind found in a tonkatsu dish so far. Further digging into the subject revealed the use of a premium flour from Takayapanko in Mushashikoyama, itself an establishment since 1955 and into its third generation. Thankfully the queue is still manageable for now. My favorite tonkatsu joint in Japan no doubt.

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