RAMEN | 護摩龍 百人町総本山 (Gomaryu)


Probably the most catchy name on our prevailing Dandan trail. Being labelled as the ‘Dandan noodles from Hell’, this little shop tucked away in a quiet part of the town is pretty much out of most radar screens except for the die hard dandan fans on IG. Famous for its rather gothic ambience and the said to be pretty ‘lethal’ soup base, LG was in for a total experience much more than just a culinary one. Not knowing what to expect, went for the middle of the road Level 3 ‘Asura’ (阿修羅) to test its true colours. Being the only other customer in the shop, the bowl was indeed made to order from scratch which involved some wok frying and the routine noodles cooking show at the open kitchen. With classical music blasting at the background and a solemn atmosphere in the air thanks to the rather dark interior, the build up to the arrival of the bowl was indeed a memorable one. Anti climax then hit when the soup was found to be less ‘deadly’ than expected and its robustness not really up there yet among the top tiers. Still a hearty bowl nevertheless and the intensity of the effort being put in by the chef also to be commended. Another one checked on the list.

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