RAMEN | 博多担々麺 とり田 (Hakata Danden-men Toriden)


Catching on the national Dandan-men rave, it is interesting to see that the home of Tonkotsu ramen doesn’t really feature a pork bone broth dandan, but rather one based on another Hakata favorite, the equally popular Mizutaki, the clear chicken broth hotpot.

Had my first go for this interesting hybrid at the famous Mizutaki joint Toriden and opted for their more conveniently located KITTE outlet dedicated to the bowl. Again amazed by how far the local taste has evolved as in going for more numb and spicy versions of dandan and pleasantly surprised by how good a match it was with the usually elegant and subtle chicken broth.

Certainly not your traditional bowl but if one ever get tired of tonkotsu one day while in Fukuoka, this may well be the saving grace. As even the legendary Hanamidori is reportedly going into the scene, this is probably the featured grand finale at a Mizutaki place in the future rather than the usual congee.

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