CURRY | ボンディ(Bondy)


When a certain district in Tokyo actually has its own annual ‘Curry Grand Prix’, you know they mean business. Historically famous for its old book stores, coffee shops and small eateries are natural add-ons to Kanda and Jinbocho, hence the subsequent birth of a curry town. Opted for an old guard to start what will probably be a multi-year Kanda curry trail, LG was first taken aback by its surprisingly low profile location, given its reputation. Calling it a ‘hidden’ curry shop is probably not too far off, and without much digging beforehand one would never have guessed that it is being tugged in the corner on the second floor of an old book store, with its entrance at a back alley in between two buildings.

Being the second lunch of the day for LG, it turned out to be quite a relaxing one having been able to avoid the lunch crowd. As expected, it was mostly the regulars there and nearly everybody went for the signature dish, a hearty ‘European-style’ (demi-glaced) beef curry, with cheese on rice and the iconic poached potatoes and butter on the side. A classic taste no doubt with its richness actually resembles those here back in town, which yours truly preferred much more than some of its lighter and more acidic counterparts in Tokyo.

A pilgrimage well worth its calorie intakes!

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