RAMEN | 175° DENO 担担麺

20180701_164626Established in 2013, a rare breed being dandan-men originated from Sapporo, the brand somehow managed to bring out quite a different offering resembling more of those from a soup curry joint, another renowned spicy option from this Hokkaido city. Said to be the outcome of a rather extensive trip by founder Deno-san (出野光浩) to Chengdu, the home of dandan, Szechuan peppercorns and chilies are sourced directly since then from the countryside there. Adding Japanese sansho back home, he created his homemade chili oil, the soul of the bowl, by boiling the ingredients to 175 degrees. Combining with the best of Hokkaido chicken and Sapporo (Sagamiya) ramen making techniques,175° DENO was thus born. Its Tokyo shop, tucked away at a quiet basement in Ginza, with classy jazz music playing in the background and comfy seatings on offer, could easily be mistaken as a typical Japanese coffee shop if not for the iconic ramen vending machine placed up front at the entrance. It certainly has been attracting the more ‘classy’, and predominantly female, crowd, as a result. The bowl, despite its look, was unfortunately somewhat on the blended side. While one certainly can taste the numbness from the peppercorns, it somehow fell short on the tasty side of things. The paste and minced pork, no doubt of decent quality, was just a bit too sweet for LG’s taste. All in all, merely a pass for yours truly, probably the result of some inconveniently lifted expectations by its hype of late.

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