RAMEN | 麺や 蓮と凜 (Menya ren-rin)

20181124_130753One of the up and coming dandan joints in Osaka. Comes in a typical format found in the city: nice and cosy 8-10 seaters tuck in a semi-residential neighbourhood with manageable queues and friendly services. Established in 2015 by Nakashi-san (中司直樹), the shop was named after his two sons as he strikes out on his own after his stint as manager of an Izakaya. It is a well announced sesame paste based version of the bowl, said to be made with choice Brazilian sesame and drawing from experiences gained at the Japanese dandan ‘mecca’ Akasaka Shisen Hanten where he worked before. Sansho is sourced from Sichuan, with chilies being a blend of Japanese, Korean and Chinese ones. Adding on top a decent dosage of minced pork and vegis, the bowl is yet not the most robust one would have hoped for, probably due to the relatively mild usage of chills and peppercorns. That said, a full set of condiments are available and guests are welcomed to perform a little DIY if so desired. All in all, the Kansai flavour has always been less on the spicy side, hence an interesting contrast with those in Tokyo that seem to be going all out with their spices these days.

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