RYOTEI | 稚加榮 (Chikae)

IMG-20190111-WA0124Riding on its proximity to the northwestern seaboard of Kyushu, where the famous Genkai area is situated, Fukuoka boosts some of the best live seafood restaurants in the country, and Chikae, named by a famous scholar Osamu-san to signify caring, growth and prosperity, is probably one of its most prominent establishments.

Founded back in 1961 at Daimyo by converting the mining king Nakajima-san’s mansion, the restaurant preserved its good old Ryotei image well, and offered quite a contrast to the otherwise carefree culture of Hakata dining spearheaded by its Yatais. Little known is that the joint actually started off as a chicken specialist, and has only been upgraded to Ryotei status offering premium seafood in 1973. Counter seats offer the best views of the impressive fish tanks in the centre and the attentive kimono bearing staff will make sure that you are being offered the best catch of the day, accompanied by exquisite condiments and side dishes. While many may find Ika a representative dish in Hakata, yours truly come here mostly for its amazing Seiki Aji and Saba. A must try in Fukuoka.

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