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KAPPO | ごでんや (Godenya)

Certainly another key endorsement of our beloved city being the platform for Japanese food and sake to go international, Goshima-san went all the way to move his Sumida shop from Tokyo into town a few months ago, bringing along tens … Continue reading

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KAPPO | 俺の割烹 by 銀座おかもと (Ore no Kappou by Ginza Okamoto)

Finally ventured out to try this new joint at LKF brought into town by the Shanghai-nese group XNG. Established by Takashi Sakamoto back in 2011, it actually started out as a standing bar serving Italian food in Shimbashi. Continuing its … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | ほかほか (Hokahoka)

First time for LG to participate in a so called ‘blogger’ dinner thanks to the invitation of owner Louis Ho. Let it be on the record though that the establishment was already our reigning Izakaya champion and thus we actually … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 那霸 (Naha)

Originally labeled as a Okinawan restaurant, the place is becoming more and more like a kappou place featuring seasonal dishes to me, and Chef ‘Lum’ always managed to bring out some nice little surprises. Going back for an early spring … Continue reading

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