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NABE | 豊田屋 (Toyotaya)

Long overdue write up about this hidden gem. Thanks to fellow Japanese blogger R featuring it over the years, paid a visit more than a year back and it was certainly worth the trip despite it being a bit off … Continue reading

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DOYJOU NABE (どぜう鍋) | 駒形どぜう

Finally got the chance to try this historic restaurant 駒形どぜう in Asakusa. Fell in love with the setting and the ambience indeed. Basically one should really plan a long lunch here, sipping quality sake (a special house edition of ふり袖 … Continue reading

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MOTSU NABE | もつ幸 (Motsu-kou)

Picked this shop frequented and recommended by locals and out of town visitors alike among the hundreds of those serving this signature dish of Hakata. Established in Showa 53 (1978), Motsu-kou certainly has a homely and cosy feel to it … Continue reading

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