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KUSHIAGE x SHOCHU | 秀殿 (Hidden)

From Omurice to Kushiage, it seems like nothing is impossible for Chef Suzuki-san from Osaka. Gone are the old Yoshoku styles (and the Omurice too) but the new deco certainly rivalled any upscale Kushiage shop found in Osaka. Indeed, this … Continue reading

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SHOCHU | Pilgrimage to Kagoshima

  For shochu lovers, this was really like a kid walking into a mega candy store. While frustrated with the lack of choice and depth in Hong Kong and sometimes even Tokyo, LG was overwhelmed by choices in nearly every … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | ばくだん屋 (Bakudanya)

Smart move by this Hiroshima spicy tsukemen place to relocate upstairs and turn itself into more an izakaya featuring Kyushu fare rather than just doing ramen. From Hakata Hanamidori (chicken) to Hiroshima oysters and not to mention all the relatively … Continue reading

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YAKITORI | 白金 酉玉 (Shirokane Tori-Tama)

Probably the best Yakitori outside of Japan and too bad it is not in LG’s hometown. This joint from Shirokane, Tokyo brought along the perfect skill sets to do authentic char-broiled Yakitori, featuring all the special parts of a chicken … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 鮨佐瀬 (Sushi Sase)

A much talked about session, finally putting together some sake fans to try out a few rare bottles to be backed by Sase-san’s most reliable execution. From 鍋島 (Nabeshima) to 勝山 (Katsuyama), together with some other rare finds: 鳳凰美田 ‘Phoenix’ … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 焼肉 孫三郎 (Magosaburou)

Kumamoto yakiniku chain moving into the CWB war zone, having tested their proposition on the other side of the harbour earlier. Occupancy was unexpectedly low on the night of LG’s visit and still no clue whether to blame it on … Continue reading

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Featuring a few remarkable bottles recently tried over two amazing New Year celebration sessions at Sase. 美丈夫 (浜川商店) 山田錦45 2-starred at the recent Pen magazine selection and a personal pick of the Palace Hotel Hasegawa shop manager. Rich and robust … Continue reading

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