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CURRY | グリルスイス (Grill Swiss)

Pilgrimage to this Ginza Yoshoku joint, home of the famous ‘katsu curry’ (pork cutlet with curry) dish. It was said to be created by the suggestion from famous baseball player Chiba-san (千葉茂) of the Giants, who would always come for … Continue reading

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TONKATSU | とん太 (Tonta)

The Takadanobaba neighbour constantly giving the reigning Narikura a run for its money, this Showa-era establishment by the Takahashi (高橋有三) husband and wife team since 1976 is clearly the local favorite. The no fuzz interior brought along an obvious etiquette … Continue reading

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MOTSU YAKI | まこちゃん 本店 (Makochan)

From its humble beginning at Meguro back in 1968, Makochan is now entering its Golden Jubilee year, with 6 branches all over the Shinbashi area and certainly a local favorite among salarymen and women. While it may sound a bit … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 四川飯店 (Shisen Hanten)

First overseas venture for this ‘mecca’ of ‘Sino-Japanese’ cuisine with a Sichuan focus. Started by the legendary Chen Ken-min (陳 建民) (father of ‘iron chef’ Chen Kenichi (陳 建一)) back in 1958, their third generation Chen Kentaro (陳 建太郎) somehow … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 今田洋輔 in 香港 (Yosuke Imada of Kyubey)

Guess not that often one can get the old man out to serve even at the honten, let alone a piece of uni sushi directly from his hand at one’s table, it was indeed a once in a blue moon … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 本家 第一旭 (Honke Daiichiasahi)

Supposed to be one of the must DOs yet LG still managed to miss this pair of old guards of Kyoto ramen (the other one being Shinpuku Saikan (新福菜館), established in 1938 first as a Yatai) everytime in town until … Continue reading

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KAISEKI | 京都 吉兆 (Kitcho)

Originally an encounter merely to pay pilgrimage to this old guard of Kaiseki established since the 30s, the short trip to Arashiyama on a beautiful early summer evening still deserved all the praises it could get. In a classic old-fashioned … Continue reading

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