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CURRY | ボンディ(Bondy)

When a certain district in Tokyo actually has its own annual ‘Curry Grand Prix’, you know they mean business. Historically famous for its old book stores, coffee shops and small eateries are natural add-ons to Kanda and Jinbocho, hence the … Continue reading

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CURRY | グリルスイス (Grill Swiss)

Pilgrimage to this Ginza Yoshoku joint, home of the famous ‘katsu curry’ (pork cutlet with curry) dish. It was said to be created by the suggestion from famous baseball player Chiba-san (千葉茂) of the Giants, who would always come for … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 中華ソバ 伊吹 (Chukasoba Ibuki)

Visiting the reigning Niboshi king for a weekday lunch at a slightly off center location and luckily managed to squeeze in within an hour before they sold out. Yet another case of self-made expert, said to have visited more than … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 護摩龍 百人町総本山 (Gomaryu)

Probably the most catchy name on our prevailing Dandan trail. Being labelled as the ‘Dandan noodles from Hell’, this little shop tucked away in a quiet part of the town is pretty much out of most radar screens except for … Continue reading

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TONKATSU | とん太 (Tonta)

The Takadanobaba neighbour constantly giving the reigning Narikura a run for its money, this Showa-era establishment by the Takahashi (高橋有三) husband and wife team since 1976 is clearly the local favorite. The no fuzz interior brought along an obvious etiquette … Continue reading

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TEMPURA | 新宿つな八 総本店 (Tsunahachi)

It has almost been 20 years since LG last visited this joint and it was not even the Honten back then. An old guard of Shinjuku Tempura founded by Kyuzo Shimura (志村久蔵) and now run by its third generation, this … Continue reading

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MOTSU YAKI | まこちゃん 本店 (Makochan)

From its humble beginning at Meguro back in 1968, Makochan is now entering its Golden Jubilee year, with 6 branches all over the Shinbashi area and certainly a local favorite among salarymen and women. While it may sound a bit … Continue reading

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