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SUKIYAKI | 三嶋亭 (Mishima-tei)

Probably another touristy stop though quality Sukiyaki outside of Japan are indeed hard to come by, let alone one with history, established in 1873 going into its 5th generation to be exact. In an era that one can source the … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 298 Nikuya Room

We might have just got a new winner for the Yakiniku category. Long aware of its more casual sister shop, the 298 Nikuya Kitchen, and yet never had the chance to pay it a visit, we were attracted by a … Continue reading

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WAGYU |ミート矢澤 (Meat Yazawa)

At this local favorite wagyu hamburger and steak place called Meat Yazawa (ミート矢澤). Surprisingly subtle taste both from the beef itself and also its saucing, which then let one truly tastes the wagyu. Given its rather fair pricing as well, … Continue reading

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