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TEMPURA | 玄海 (Genkai)

A seasoned and rather unique husband and wife team delivering quality tempura fare yet in a Yatai setting. Said to be the oldest standing Yatai in Fukuoka with its root dated back to 1962 and now run by its second … Continue reading

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YATAI | 鬼多郎 (Kitaro)

Finally had the chance to bring along sake buddies to this favourite Yatai in Fukuoka of yours truly’s. Friendly owner put on his usual good show both nights, when the true Hakata Yatai spirit was being showcased. Kicking off with … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 長浜 ナンバーワン 屋台(Nagahama No.1 – Yatai)

Paid pilgrimage to where it all started for our 2012 Best Ramen Award Winner ‘Nagahama No.1’ (長浜 ナンバーワン), the Yatai just outside the Nagahama Fish Market West Gate. Must say this is even much better than the one that we … Continue reading

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