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SUSHI | 角 (Sushi Kado)

Kado revisited. Lucky enough to be served by Chef Jason himself this time around despite being super late (and thousand apologies again to LG’s friend). Had a not so optimal experience here before being served by another chef and thus … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | ばくだん屋 (Bakudanya)

Smart move by this Hiroshima spicy tsukemen place to relocate upstairs and turn itself into more an izakaya featuring Kyushu fare rather than just doing ramen. From Hakata Hanamidori (chicken) to Hiroshima oysters and not to mention all the relatively … Continue reading

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YAKITORI | 白金 酉玉 (Shirokane Tori-Tama)

Probably the best Yakitori outside of Japan and too bad it is not in LG’s hometown. This joint from Shirokane, Tokyo brought along the perfect skill sets to do authentic char-broiled Yakitori, featuring all the special parts of a chicken … Continue reading

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SUSHI | すし道 真次 (Shinji by Kanesaka)

Paid a visit to the Raffles shop of this joint, now proclaimed to be the ‘Best Sushi’ in the Lion City, which also recently opened another branch at the St. Regis. As the first overseas branch of the two-starred Ginza … Continue reading

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Back to our usual joint with LG’s regular Burgundy buddies but trying out primarily vegetarian dishes for a change. While they were all living up to expectations, we just can’t help but to go back to some of our all … Continue reading

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WHISKY BAR | Nocturne

Finally paid a visit to this much raved about joint by Japanese whisky lovers in town and indeed was worth the effort. Not only was being reassured that one of my favourites Hakushu ‘Heavily Peated’ will be available for a … Continue reading

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Night out with members of LG’s amazing karate class, comprised of a IWC sake judge, a sake sommelier and a sushi chef, at the very own restaurant of the latter. The two featured sake were 1) 伯楽星 殘響 “Super 9” … Continue reading

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