IZAKAYA | Cave de Gamin et Hanare


A hidden gem in the Shirokane area, this so proclaimed ‘French Kaiseki’ was introduced by long time Japanese friend HM, who never fails to offer some nice surprise in Tokyo restaurant picks. Belonging to the group of this quasi celebrity chef Takemasa Kinoshita (木下威征), who was said to be a high school dropout turned top chef, this joint takes on another twist from his French cooking roots to combine the concept of an Italian trattoria with a separate small counter of 8 called ‘Hanare’ serving Kaiseki with a western touch. What was on offer would have been the same seasonal goodies seen in a proper Kaiseki joint this time of the year, and we really had a ball savouring each course, amazed by the creativity in execution and yet still managing to bring out the best of the ingredients. For the suspicious few, no, this is no bubbles and foam chemistry lab and what you see is certainly what you get. My Japanese friend and I got so excited that we may actually now try to bring this concept to town, showcasing different up and coming young chefs from Japan periodically and offering it in a purely reservation only private kitchen style. Any takers?

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